Summa Academy for students

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Summa Academy for students

Summa Academy offers you a flying start in your corporate finance career as a financial analyst trainee. We offer 12 – 16 week internship programs which offer real responsibility and a chance to learn from your experienced colleagues. We are looking for students with a range of qualities, experiences and skills, who have the potential to make a real difference. Academic credentials are important but these need to be coupled with excellent communication skills, initiative-taking attitude, strong focus for results and a good sense of humour. In Summa Academy we provide the students with a complete offering from internships and possible part-time work during studies to Master’s thesis opportunities.


Alumni experiences

  • "I discovered Summa Academy through a friend and former Summa employee who inspired me to apply. And I couldn’t have found a better place for an internship. My tasks were challenging and also extremely rewarding as I took part in live projects, pitch events and various client meetings.

    The day-to-day tasks included a lot of Excel and Power Point, but also doing market research and calling clients. I got a lot of responsibility right from the start, which was highly motivating and it also improved my ability to work efficiently. The insight I got of valuing companies and understanding different business models has helped me a lot in my finance studies.

    The internship was an amazing experience and the best thing about Summa is their team spirit!"

  • Harri Paakkola
  • Summa Academy Trainee 2015
  • "I first heard about Summa Academy through my university’s finance related email list. After a brief due diligence, I realized that Summa Capital is indeed one of the top boutique investment banks in Finland with strong case references throughout recent years. My range of tasks during the internship was broad with almost non-existent routine work. The most typical tasks were related to financial modelling in the form of valuations, preparation of presentation material and gathering and analysis of data. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to partake presentations with potential clients.

    From the numerous lessons learned, probably the most important one was learning to thoroughly analyse the underlying economic conditions and the (often hidden) agendas of different stakeholders in each case and applying the correct approach when putting the pieces together. When it comes to more explicit skills, the internship improved my skills in communication, time management and IT, all of which are essential in investment banking.

    All in all, my experience in Summa Academy was highly rewarding. I warmly recommend applying for Summa Academy if you are even remotely interested in investment banking as your future profession. The lessons learned during the internship are useful and applicable in almost any industry."

  • Nicholas Fellman
  • Summa Academy Trainee 2015
  • "I first learned about Summa Academy during a financial modelling case course that I attended at my university. Among other prestigious financial advisory and consultancy firms, Summa was one of the companies to present a case. As I received a very positive impression of the company, I decided to apply for the internship.

    During the four-month period as a financial analyst trainee, I was trusted with a wide variety of tasks. Beginning from day one, I was included in on-going client cases and got a chance to attend interesting client meetings. While at the office, I was responsible e.g. for producing presentation materials, conducting research ranging from collecting basic company information to carrying out more complex analysis by utilising various databases and applying different valuation methods.

    As a strategic management student, I felt that gaining deeper finance related analysis and modelling skills, was an extremely valuable addition to what I had learned during my studies. However, I was pleased to find that the work was also strategic in nature, as it involved assessing which strategic actions a company would benefit most from. In addition to work experience gained from the internship, I also highly appreciate the opportunity I had to work alongside experienced professionals and an amazing group of people."

  • Matilda Grundman
  • Summer Academy Trainee 2014